Glasgow Film Festival 2017: Window on the World

Take a trip to corners of the planet we could never imagine visiting courtesy of the Glasgow Film Festival!

Glasgow Film Festival 2017: Window on the World

About Glasgow Film Festival 2017: Window on the World

A record-breaking 85 countries submitted a title for consideration as this year’s Oscar contender for Best Foreign Language film. The entries ranged from the familiar with Elle (France) and Julieta (Spain) to less familiar works from Kyrgyzstan, Yemen and beyond. There is a whole wonderful world of cinema out there that all too often never reaches a British screen. Window on the World brings together some of the best international cinema; placing a spotlight on countries and talents that deserve to be much better known. Book your ticket for some amazing journeys: The Road to Mandalay follows Myanmar immigrants struggling to find a better life in Thailand, The Ornithologist takes us on an intense spiritual quest that echoes the life of Saint Anthony of Padua, Pawno proves that all Australian life can be found inside a pawn shop and Original Bliss brings A L Kennedy’s tale to the screen with a standout performance from Martina Gedeck. Come and explore the world.

Dark Night

CCA / Sat 18 (20.45) & Sun 19 Feb (11.15)
Tim Sutton’s powerful Dark Night is an uncompromising portrait of an alienated and violent America. Loosely inspired by the multiplex shooting in Aurora, Colorado, Sutton evokes a hypnotic vision of six youths unaware of the imminent brutality they face. Focusing on the banality that contextualises everyday American suburbia, Dark Night builds an almost unbearable tension borne from the darkness bubbling underneath. A hypnotic and powerful film, and a frank depiction of America and its youth in the 21st Century.

Window on the World / Director Tim Sutton Cast Robert Jumper, Anna Rose, Rosie Rodriguez
USA 2016, 1h26m, N/C 15+ Thanks to Soda Pictures

The Eremites (Die Einsiedler)

CCA / Sat 18 (15.30) & Wed 22 Feb (15.30)
Albert is the only child of introverted farmers Marianne and Rudl, who take residence in a dilapidated estate high in the Alps. Albert, after years of isolation, has issues with societal assimilation, often choosing to take refuge in the family barn rather than socialising with co-workers. His rejection of social norms is challenged following a budding romance with the canteen cook and a family bereavement, begging the question; are social behaviours intrinsic, or developed gradually? A stunning and meditative study on human behaviour with a haunting performance from Andreas Lust.

Window on the World / Director Ronny Trocker Cast Andreas Lust, Ingrid Burkhard, Orsi Toth
Germany / Austria 2016, 1h50m, German with English subtitles, N/C 15+ Thanks to Cercamon

Harmonium (Fuchi Ni Tatsu)

GFT / Tue 21 (15.35) & Wed 22 Feb (13.00)
Winner of the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at Cannes, Harmonium burrows beneath the surface harmony of a typical Japanese family to reveal the forces that threaten to destabilise it. Toshio (Kanji Furutachi), his wife Akie (Mariko Tsutsui) and their daughter Hotaru seem perfectly content with their lives until Toshio offers work and lodgings to old acquaintance Yasaka (Tadanobu Asano). What is the nature of their relationship? Where has Toshio been before now and why is he such an unsettling presence? A subtle, slow-burning thriller steeped in tragedy.

Window on the World / Director Koji Fukada Cast Kanji Furutachi, Mariko Tsutsui, Tadanobu Asano
France / Japan 2016, 1h58m, Japanese with English subtitles, 15 Thanks to Eureka Entertainment

Heal the Living (Réparer les Vivants)

CCA / Sun 19 Feb (15.30) | GFT / Tue 21 Feb (13.15)
Director Katell Quillévéré (Love Like Poison, Suzanne) transforms Maylis de Kerangal’s acclaimed novel into a moving ensemble drama about the complex moral and emotional issues surrounding organ donation. An accident leaves a young man in a coma. Are his parents in any state to give their consent to the use of his organs? Elsewhere, a woman waits to discover if she has a new chance of life. Matters of life and death are treated with immense compassion in a film graced by a cast that includes Tahar Ramin, Bouli Lanners and Xavier Dolan regular Anne Dorval.

Window on the World / Director Katell Quillévéré Cast Tahar Rahim, Bouli Lanners, Anne Dorval
France / Belgium 2016, 1h44m, French with English subtitles, N/C 12+ Thanks to Curzon Artificial Eye

Hema Hema: Sing Me a Song While I Wait

CCA / Thu 16 (20.30) & Fri 17 Feb (15.30)
A fictional Buddhist ritual is the focal point of this strange and disorientating feature from Khyentse Norbu (The Cup). Every 12 years, individuals trek to the Bhutanese jungle, don elaborate masks and revel in anonymity under the light of a new moon. None are able to leave until the new moon passes; the ritual acts as a gap between death and birth, where participants attempt to discover their true selves. This lack of identity fuels a tense recklessness when sexual desire becomes impossible to subdue.

Window on the World / Director Khyentse Norbu Cast Tshering Dorji, Sadon Lhamo, Thinley Dorji
Bhutan 2016, 1h36m, Dzongkha with English subtitles, N/C 15+ Thanks to The Festival Agency

Illegitimate (Ilegitim)

CCA / Mon 20 (20.30) & Tue 21 Feb (13.30)
Sure to ignite controversy, Adrian Sitaru’s intense, award-winning family drama unfolds in bruising verbal skirmishes and impossible dilemmas. Over a family meal, obstetrician Victor (Adrian Titieni) readily admits that he prevented women from having abortions during the Ceausescu era; abortion was illegal then and he considered it his duty to prevent the taking of a life. His children are horrified, especially daughter Sasha (Alina Girgore), but Sasha is carrying on an incestuous relationship with twin brother Romeo (Robi Urs): does she have the right to claim the moral high ground or judge anyone?

Window on the World / Director Adrian Sitaru Cast Adrian Titieni, Alina Grigore, Robi Urs
Romania / Poland / France 2016, 1h26m, Romanian with English subtitles, N/C 15+ Thanks to Versatile Films

A Kid (Le Fils de Jean)

CCA / Sat 25 (18.00) & Sun 26 Feb (13.30)
Stranger by the Lake’s Pierre Deladonchamps stars in this thoughtful family drama from Welcome director Philippe Lioret. Mathieu (Deladonchamps) receives a phone call informing him of the death of the father he never knew. He travels from Paris to Montreal to meet his two half brothers, becoming a reluctant witness to sibling conflict and guilty secrets. What develops is a subtle exploration of the way men tend to guard their emotions and women are always left to pick up the pieces. A fantastic cast includes Canadian great Gabriel Arcand, brother of director Denys Arcand.

Window on the World / Director Philippe Lioret Cast Pierre Deladonchamps, Gabriel Arcand, Pierre-Yves Cardinal
France 2016, 1h36m, French with English subtitles, N/C 12+ Thanks to Le Pacte

Louise by the Shore (Louise en Hiver)

CCA / Sun 19 (20.45) & Mon 20 Feb (15.15)
Jean-François Laguionie’s hand-painted animated feature is a thing of great beauty and lyrical charm that evokes comparisons with impressionist paintings and some of Studio Ghibli’s finest. Louise (voiced by Dominique Frot) is a little old woman who spends every summer in the coastal resort of Biligen-sur-Mer. One summer, she misses the last train home and becomes a latter-day Robinson Crusoe, building a cabin on the beach, surviving raging storms, finding companionship in a dog called Pepper and sustaining herself with warming memories and bittersweet visions of the past.

Window on the World / Director Jean-François Laguionie Cast Diane Dassigny, Dominique Frot, Anthony Hicklng
France / Canada 2016, 1h15m, French with English subtitles, N/C 8+ Thanks to Films Distribution

Original Bliss (Gleißendes Glück)

GFT / Sun 19 (20.15) & Tue 21 Feb (16.00)
A L Kennedy’s spellbinding novella has been brought to the screen in an elegantly crafted production with a standout performance from Martina Gedeck as Helene. Stuck in a loveless marriage, crippled with insomnia and drifting away from her once comforting faith, Helene tries to find some answers from popular psychologist Eduard Glück (Ulrich Tukur). A spark of curiosity between them deepens into something more meaningful. Can Helene convince herself that she deserves a little happiness? A wise, darkly comic reflection on love, hope and the straitjacket of our own imperfections.

Window on the World / Director Sven Taddicken Cast Martina Gedeck, Ulrich Tukur, Johannes Krisch
Germany 2016, 1h41m, German with English subtitles, N/C 18+ Thanks to Picture Tree International

The Ornithologist (O Ornitólogo)

CCA / Thu 23 (20.30) & Fri 24 Feb (13.15)
João Pedro Rodrigues’ surreal, subversive fifth feature confirms him as a visionary talent in the same league as Lav Diaz and Apichatpong Weerasethakul. Bird watcher Fernando (Paul Hamy) is kayaking through a nature reserve in northern Portugal, seeking a rare glimpse of a black stork. Capsized by the force of the rapids, he embarks on a deeply personal pilgrimage marked by strange meetings, homoerotic encounters and a growing spiritual awakening. His story increasingly echoes the life of Saint Anthony of Padua as he journeys towards a profound sense of rebirth.

Window on the World / Director João Pedro Rodrigues Cast Paul Hamy, Xelo Cagiao, Han Wen
Portugal / France / Brazil 2016, 1h57m, Portuguese, Mandarin, Mirandese and Latin with English subtitles, N/C 18+ Thanks to
Films Boutique


GFT / Sat 18 (20.30) & Sun 19 Feb (10.45)
All of life passes through the doors of a Melbourne pawnbroker in Pawno, a gritty, award-winning slice of the real Australia from actor turned director Paul Ireland. World-weary owner Les (John Brumpton) has seen it all and keeps everything strictly business. Shy assistant Danny (Damian Hill) has a gentler nature and a soft spot for a girl from the local bookshop. Over the course of a day, we spend time in the multicultural suburb of Footscray, meet the customers at Les’ last chance saloon and have our expectations challenged in a multi-layered ensemble with a cracking soundtrack.

Window on the World / Director Paul Ireland Cast John Brumpton, Maeve Darmody, Damian Hill
Australia 2015, 1h29m, N/C 15+ Thanks to Toothless Pictures

The Road to Mandalay

GFT / Thu 16 (20.30) & Fri 17 Feb (15.45)
Midi Z’s first drama since his Oscar contender Ice Poison, The Road to Mandalay is a gentle account of two individuals who leave Myanmar to pursue a new life in Thailand. Guo (Ko Kai) takes an instant shine to Lianqing (Wu Ke-Xi) and remains hopelessly devoted to her. But the steely, determined Lianqing has no time for romance and will do whatever it takes to survive in a Bangkok where life is cheap and illegal workers are expendable. Striking images and heartfelt emotions distinguish a moving portrait of lives defined by the obstacles to happiness.

Window on the World / Director Midi Z Cast Ko Kai, Wu Ke-Xi, Wang Shin-Hong
Taiwan / Myanmar / France / Germany 2016, 1h48m, Chinese, Thai and Burmese with English subtitles, N/C 15+
Thanks to Day for Night

The Teacher (Ucitelka)

CCA / Sun 19 (18.15) & Mon 20 Feb (13.15)
Inspired by a real incident, The Teacher is a darkly witty, immensely entertaining tale in which a little power leads to a lot of corruption. In the communist Czechoslovakia of 1983, recent widow and teacher Mrs Drzadechova (Zuzanna Maurery) takes a keen interest in her pupils and their families. She makes it clear that the odd favour or kindness will be greatly appreciated. Soon, terrified mothers are baking her cakes and pupils are cleaning her house. A meeting is called and there are echoes of Twelve Angry Men as angry parents debate how to tackle this classroom dictator.

Window on the World / Director Jan Hrebejk Cast Zuzana Maurery, Conger Kassai, Peter Bebjak
Slovakia / Czech Republic 2016, 1h42m, Slovak with English subtitles, N/C 12+ Thanks to LevelK


CCA / Tue 21 (20.30) & Wed 22 Feb (13.00)
The impact of losing a child is captured with warm understanding and gut-wrenching performances in this exceptional drama. Tonio (Chris Peters) is a shy student still trying to find his way in the world. His father, novelist Adri (Pierre Bokma), would like to see a little more ambition in his boy. His mother Mirjam (Rifka Lodeizen) is the peacekeeper. When Tonio is killed in a car accident, every memory of being a happy family is coated in a sadness that will never fade. Coping with the death, and the guilt of what might have been said or done differently, is the basis of a heartbreaking film.

Window on the World / Director Paula Van der Oest Cast Pierre Bokma, Rifka Lodeizen, Chris Peters
Netherlands 2016, 1h40m, Dutch with English subtitles, N/C 12+ Thanks to Dutch Features

The Untamed (La Región Salvaje)

GFT / Fri 24 Feb (23.00) | CCA / Sat 25 Feb (13.15)
Earning comparisons with Under the Skin, Amat Escalante’s brooding, hypnotic curio offers a heady mixture of science-fiction, sexual obsession, self-destruction and social commentary. Alejandra (Ruth Ramos) feels trapped in a violent, loveless marriage to the suffocatingly macho Angel (Jesus Meza). Her brother Fabian (Eden Villavicencio) has his own relationship problems. A solution arrives in the shape of the mysterious Veronica (Simone Bucio), who offers them a close encounter with something that is not of this world; something that has the capacity for pleasure or pain.

Window on the World / Director Amat Escalante Cast Ruth Ramos, Simone Bucio, Jesus Meza
Mexico / Denmark / France / Germany / Norway 2016, 1h40m, Spanish with English subtitles, N/C 18+ Thanks to Arrow Films

Visible Cinema: Two Worlds / Dawn of the Deaf

GFT / Mon 20 Feb (18.15)
Visible Cinema is GFT’s monthly film programme, enhanced for Deaf and Hard of Hearing audiences, with everyone welcome to attend. For GFF, Visible Cinema presents a screening of inspiring family portrait Two Worlds and the short Dawn of the Deaf. In Dawn of the Deaf, a small group of Deaf people must band together when a strange sound wipes out the hearing population. In Two Worlds, 12 year-old Laura is a guide in life for her Deaf parents, which is unusual, challenging and surprisingly ordinary.

Window on the World / Two Worlds Director Maciej Adamek, Poland 2016, 51m, Polish with English subtitles, N/C 15+
Thanks to Metro Films | Dawn of the Deaf: Director Rob Savage, UK 2016, 12m, N/C 15+ Thanks to ShadowHouse LTD

A Woman’s Life (Une Vie)

GFT / Sat 25 (20.30) & Sun 26 Feb (16.15)
Stephané Brizé’s first feature since his Cannes prize-winner The Measure of a Man, is a vivid, immediate adaptation of the Guy De Maupassant novel with a superb central performance from Judith Chemia. Normandy in 1819 is the setting for the story of Jeanne (Chemia) a young, conventeducated girl who lives an idyllic existence with her parents and is soon to be wed to a handsome Viscount. Nothing has prepared her for the challenges and betrayals that lie ahead, or the crushing realities of a woman’s position in 19th Century France. A detailed, deeply felt literary adaptation.

Window on the World / Director Stephané Brizé Cast Judith Chemia, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Yolande Moreau
France / Belgium 2016, 1h59m, French with English subtitles, N/C 15+ Thanks to MK2

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