Glasgow Film Festival 2017: Crossing The Line

Glasgow Film Festival's Crossing the Line is where visual art & cinema meet to create films that challenge & inspire!

Glasgow Film Festival 2017: Crossing The Line

About Glasgow Film Festival 2017: Crossing The Line

Focusing on artists and experimental filmmakers working in cinema, these films push the boundaries of conventional film form and interrogate the meaning behind moving images. David Lynch’s Factory Photographs/La Jetée celebrates two of the best-known experimental filmmakers from the last 50 years with unique sonic compositions around the works of Chris Marker and David Lynch. We are delighted to work with LUX Scotland once more, and welcome filmmaker Anja Kirschner with her new film Moderation, showing alongside one of its influences, 1987’s Morning Patrol. Celebrated filmmaker Ben Rivers will present his two new films and Kate Davis will unveil the world premiere of her new film, commissioned through our annual Margaret Tait Award.

‘67 Was Golden and the Falls Keep Falling

CCA / Tue 21 Feb (18.15)
Circa 1967 – Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) is founded as Canada’s first artist run, not for profit film distribution centre. Michael Snow, one of the founders of the centre, creates the seminal and groundbreaking 16mm avant-garde film Wavelength, when Canada celebrates its 100th Anniversary as a colonized country. Showcasing seminal works alongside contemporary work - Rimmer’s Canadian Pacific meets the structuralist detritus captured in First Nations artist Lyndsey McIntyre’s Barge Dirge of the Arctic. Where the old ‘garde’ meets the new ‘garde’ the Falls Keep Falling, from when ’67 was Golden.

Crossing the Line / Directors Various
Canada, 1h30m approx., N/C 18+ Thanks to CFMDC and Lauren Howes

David Lynch’s Factory Photographs / La Jetée

The Glue Factory / Sun 19 Feb (Doors 19.00)
A special event celebrating two of the most renowned experimental filmmakers from the last 50 years. HEXA (Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart and composer Lawrence English) will present a sonic response to David Lynch’s Factory Photographs. The soundscape created will be made of cascading low frequency pulses and tectonic plates of sound. New Media Scotland’s expanded cinema project Atmosphere explores La Jetée with new live narration by David McKenchie and score by sound artists Tim Shaw and Sébastien Piquemal. The performance explores digital mobile technology and surround sound diffusion. Bring your devices fully charged, and keep them switched on throughout.

Crossing the Line / Directors David Lynch, Chris Marker
USA / UK 2016, 3h approx., N/C 18+ Thanks to Qu Junktions/New Media Scotland

Here Come the Videofreex

CCA / Wed 22 Feb (18.15)
Although mostly unknown, the Videofreex were pioneering in their documentation of American counterculture from 1969 to 1978. Founded by young CBS executive Don West, they travelled the country in an RV taping stories of the counterculture ignored by TV news, on new ‘portapak’ recording devices. This collective of young men and women managed to document anti-war, black power and womens’ rights protests, along with major counterculture events like Woodstock. This new documentary provides a comprehensive insight into the group, highlighting their importance to artistic communities all across the world. This screening is presented in conjunction with GoMA, around their exhibition ‘Please Turn Us On’.

Crossing the Line / Directors Jon Nealon, Jenny Raskin
USA 2015, 1h19m, N/C 15+ Thanks to Long Shot Factory

I Had Nowhere to Go

GFT / Sat 18 Feb (15.15)
Douglas Gordon pays tribute to Jonas Mekas, the godfather of the American avant-garde, with a film that is appropriately radical. The work contains very few images and repeatedly fades to black, forcing the viewer to concentrate on the audio track. We hear the resonant tones of 93 year-old, Lithuanian-born Mekas as he reads from diary entries covering his life as a displaced person in the Europe of World War Two and as a lonely immigrant in Brooklyn. The result is a hypnotic and moving film that captures Mekas’ laconic wit and determination to endure through the darkest times.

Crossing the Line / Director Douglas Gordon
Germany 2016, 1h40m, N/C 12+ Thanks to Lost But Found

Margaret Tait: Blue Black Permanent

CCA / Thu 16 Feb (18.00)
In conjuction with the screening of her 2016 Margaret Tait Award film, artist Kate Davis will present a screening of Margaret Tait’s Blue Black Permanent, a film that informed her new work. Margaret Tait’s sole feature film, Blue Black Permanent sits as the Orcadian film-poet’s only attempt to move from her celebrated abstract and allusive shorter works into longer narratives. Employing a complex ‘Russian Doll’ narrative, the film spans three generations of an Orcadian family. As the protagonist Barbara attempts to understand her past, the film flashes back to her mother Greta and grandmother Mary. The film demonstrates Tait’s interest in natural cycles and can be seen to have autobiographical elements through the central character’s interest in poetry and film.

Crossing the Line / Director Margaret Tait, UK 1992, 1h26m, PG Thanks to BFI / LUX Scotland

Margaret Tait Award Screening: Kate Davis

GFT / Mon 20 Feb (18.45)
Named after acclaimed Scottish experimental filmmaker Margaret Tait, Glasgow Film Festival’s annual award is supported by Creative Scotland and LUX, and recognises Scottish and Scotlandbased artists who work within film and moving image in an experimental and innovative way. Join us for the world premiere of this new moving image work by Kate Davis. Inspired by the ways in which Margaret Tait’s films invite us to contemplate fundamental emotions and everyday activities that are often overlooked, Davis’ new film questions how the essential, but largely invisible and unpaid, processes we employ to care for others and ourselves could be reimagined.

Crossing the Line / Director Kate Davis
UK 2017, 30m approx, N/C 8+ (contains natural nudity) Thanks to Kate Davis


CCA / Fri 24 Feb (20.00)
Moderation revolves around a female horror director and a screenwriter whose latest collaboration is haunted by encounters with its ‘raw material’ and the escalation of conflicting desires. Faced with the disintegration of their project, the director becomes more and more drawn into conversations with the actors she has cast. Together, they reflect on the way horror traverses the affective and material realities of their lives, both on and off the screen. Presented in partnership with LUX Scotland.

Crossing the Line / Director Anja Kirschner Cast Maya Lubinsky, Anna De Filippi, Aida El Kashef, Michele Valley
Greece / Italy / Egypt / UK 2016, 2h29m, N/C 18+ Thanks to Nadja Argyropoulou for Polyeco Contemporary Art Initiative (commissioner); Beirut and Nomas Foundation; with the support of the Elephant Trust and Greek Film Centre.

Morning Patrol

CCA / Sat 25 Feb (18.15)
A woman travels alone, through a destroyed and abandoned city. She wants to pass the Forbidden Zone and get to the sea but deceptive traps lurk everywhere. The Morning Patrol is guarding and they are hot on her trail. She is approached by one of the few survivors and having a fractured memory in common, they soon become close to one another. Together, they try to recall the past and make some sense out of this catastrophe. A story of love in an unbearable world, surrounded by violence and death... what point can it have? Presented in partnership with LUX Scotland.

Crossing the Line / Director Nikos Nikolaidis Cast Michele Valley, Takis Spiridakis
Greece 1987, 1h48m, N/C 18+ Greek with English subtitles Thanks to Simon Nikolaidis & LUX Scotland

SUPERLUX Workshop with Anja Kirschner: Page to Picture! Screenwriting for Artists

GSA Reid Building / Fri 24 & Sat 25 Feb (11.00 – 17.00)
Artist Anja Kirschner will introduce approaches to screenwriting outside of conventional formats and how to tailor them for your projects. The focus will be on expanded narrative structures, adaptation and appropriation, using examples from her own work as well as others such as Yvonne Rainer, Emily Wardill, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Alain Robbe-Grillet and Kathy Acker. This practical and theoretical workshop is for moving image artists and experimental filmmakers who want to develop screenwriting as part of their practice. Presented by LUX Scotland as part of the programme for SUPERLUX, LUX Scotland’s membership scheme. Sign up via Eventbrite,

Crossing the Line / Thanks to LUX Scotland

Video Home System presented by Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival

CCA / Thu 23 Feb (18.15)
Two boxers appear to merge in Christine Lucy Latimer’s Mosaic; bodies seize, fall and burn in Dance of Death; a blurry Bugs Bunny eludes us in Interlude (Homage to Bugs Bunny) by Chris Meigh Andrews, meanwhile Meesoo Lee brings us ‘video zines’ 15 years before YouTube. Home movies, TV shows, press conferences – images of personal expression, power and violence – are shown to degrade and transform, given new meaning by artists using VHS. 40 years after the VCR was released in the UK and USA, this selection shows how video has been and continues to be an exciting and creative medium.

Crossing the Line / Directors Various
1h30m, N/C 18+ Thanks to Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival

What Means Something / There Is a Happy Land Further Awaay

CCA / Sat 18 Feb (18.15)
Ben Rivers’ portrait of the painter Rose Wylie, predominantly filmed in her studio in Kent features the two artists discussing the artistic process. Rivers constructs his film fragmentally, a series of collages documenting the creative process. Is the film a study of Rose Wylie’s life as an artist, or does it develop into analysing Rivers’ creative practices in studying such a figure, and as such art as a whole? This screening will also include Rivers’ recent short film work There Is A Happy Land Further Awaay.

Crossing the Line / Director Ben Rivers Cast Rose Wylie, Ben Rivers
UK 2016, 53m + 20m, N/C 12+ Thanks to LUX Scotland

Will Internets Eat Brain?

CCA / Fri 24 Feb (18.00)
Listen up! The best art & philosophy is on YouTube for sure. Video artist and writer Gillian Wylde will present a live performance of fragments, texts, images and ideas trending in some of her recent work. Wylde’s work stages a critical engagement with high/low theory, shadow feminisms, happy nihilisms and the mediated. Following her incredible video-essay performances at The Hague and Arnolfini, ‘Will Internets Eat Brain?’ is an exclusive insight to Wylde’s world, encompassing two performances followed by a discussion on her work.

Crossing the Line / Director Gillian Wylde, 1h30m, N/C 15+ Thanks to MAP Magazine

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