Dance With Attitude Kids Breakdance Class

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Dance With Attitude, Harland House 1120 South Street, Glasgow West End G14 0AP
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Opening Hours

Every Tuesday 5.45pm - 6.45pm
Dance With Attitude Kids Breakdance Class
About Dance With Attitude Kids Breakdance Class

This is a hi-energy spectacular free-style dance which ranges from basic top rock steps to power moves .... back spins, head spins etc.

This has become an extremely popular class, particularly with boys.(Although we do have quite a few girls in the class) It's billed for Primary 3 & upwards (although we occasionally take kids younger than the P4 age group if they are really keen) so there's quite a range of ages in the class. However it is a style which requires self-discipline because it is a freestyle dance and the teacher will advise you if he thinks your child is not quite ready.

The kids are all given a good warm up and then divided into groups or worked with individually. They are given various sequences to work on and the teachers work round each group giving them guidance as required. This is where the self-discipline comes in - while the teachers are working with other class members the kids are expected to carry on practicing. They will be given basic steps to start with and when they're ready they are shown more complex power moves. It helps if they like gymnastics!

Everyone in the class is at different levels - some doing basic steps, some doing back spins etc - which means our teachers have to be strict with the kids - safety is tantamount. How fast the pupil progresses depends on how much practice and energy they put into it.

It's a tough style which looks easier than it really is. The classes are taught by Chris Maule of The Flying Jalapenos.

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