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15th February - 26th February 2017

Glasgow Film Festival will run from 15th February - 26th February 2016 with a packed programme including pop-up cinema and special events in unique Glasgow venues.

During the craziest of years, movies have provided a constant source of comfort and joy. We launch the 2017 Glasgow Film Festival programme right in the heart of a thrilling awards season. Who hasn’t lost their heart to those foolish dreamers Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in La La Land or shed tears over the agonisingly poignant Manchester by the Sea or marvelled at old master Martin Scorsese realising his 30 year passion project Silence? Movies matter to all of us - they are part of our daily lives. In a world that seems impossibly divided, movies build bridges, provoke debate, inspire empathy and remind us of all the things we have in common.

There is a theory that seeing a film in a cinema is an endangered pastime that will go the way of the horse and carriage. The doomsayers believe we might go to the cinema for the spectacle of a comic book blockbuster if it screens in IMAX with a seat that shakes and a snack that satisfies but otherwise, forget it. Well, not on our watch. You can consume what you choose on your mobile devices or Netflix subscription but there is nothing that will ever replace the magic of a night at the cinema. Movies come alive when you see them together. Comedies are funnier, thrillers are more tense, dramas are more gripping and vintage movies sparkle like brand new. Glasgow prides itself on being a festival that loves movies and loves the audience. It is a festival that programmes without prejudice and delivers without pretension. When you come to our venues the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the audience is chatty and excited, the experience is everything that going to the movies should be. You are among friends and kindred spirits.

2017 is a festival of delights that runs the gamut from jaw-dropping documentaries to carefree comedies, grisly horrors to delicate dramas, global greats to local heroes via some unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime events. You will definitely want to be Lost in France but you will also want to be lost in the festival. So, forget those troubles, come on, get happy. Let’s go to the movies.

Allan Hunter & Allison Gardner,
Festival Co-directors

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