Macgregors Pie & Ale Howff

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5 Blackfriars Street, Glasgow City Centre G1 1PG
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Opening Hours

Mondays: 11am - midnight
Wednesdays: 11am - midnight
Fridays: 11am - midnight
Sundays: 11am - midnight
Tuesdays: 11am - midnight
Thursdays: 11am - midnight
Saturdays: 11am - midnight
Macgregors Pie & Ale Howff
About Macgregors Pie & Ale Howff

Our name is inspired by Rob Roy MacGregor, a Scottish hero and a “Robin Hood” of his day. The MacGregor Clan was a little bit naughty but ultimately a guid yin. Just like us.

In the good old days you could visit a number of “auld men’s pubs” across the city (and country) and enjoy what we offer.

The punters were a mixed bag of all old and young, braw and not so braw, loaded and skint. The common interest for this collective was an enjoyment of a good pint or dram, honest, tasty scran and some good craich.

Fast forward what may seem like a zillion years and most of these pubs have been demolished, changed hands and gone all hipster. With many presenting your American or European pint of beer/lager in a vase or jam jar and serving up non carb, clean eating, meat free steak pie with a flower and sliver of truffle on top, all for a pricey hundred quid.

We’re going back to the guid auld days folks and welcome all of you to our wee Scottish pub.

The MacGregor clan motto is “‘S rioghal mo dhream” (My race is royal)

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Sorry, but we have no upcoming events for Macgregors Pie & Ale Howff. If you know of an event taking place at Macgregors Pie & Ale Howff or anywhere else in Glasgow tell us about it and we'll list it on the website, for free!