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Feast Restaurant (upper floor) Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow City Centre G1
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Paiba! Ricefield Photo Club
About Paiba! Ricefield Photo Club

Literally meaning "Shoot it!" in Chinese, PaiBa is one of Ricefield's, free monthly meet-ups for keen photographers to enjoy shooting and sharing photos inspired by Chinese photography and culture.

* Chinese inspired photo assignment each month
* Bring your photos along to share views and techniques
* Amateurs and beginners welcome!
* Chat in a relaxed setting at Feast restaurant (upper floor)

To join PaiBa please contact

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Sorry, but we have no upcoming events for Paiba! Ricefield Photo Club. If you know of an event taking place at Paiba! Ricefield Photo Club or anywhere else in Glasgow tell us about it and we'll list it on the website, for free!

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