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90 St Vincent Street, Glasgow City Centre G2 5UB
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Mondays: Midday - 11pm
Wednesdays: Midday - 11pm
Fridays: Midday - 1am
Sundays: Midday - 11pm
Tuesdays: Midday - 11pm
Thursdays: Midday - 11pm
Saturdays: Midday - 1am
Pizza Punks Glasgow
About Pizza Punks Glasgow

So here it is, an idea inspired by our love of proper pizza and motivated by our drive to do something different, something unique. What would happen if customers could choose exactly what they want on a pizza without charging more (a true one price deal)? How low could we set the price and still keep the doors open? And to really make it worthwhile, could we make sure we pay our team the living wage as an absolute minimum? Charging customers less while paying the team more... Crazy or what?

This might end up as one mad experiment, but we think it’s a revolution... and it starts here.

Upcoming Events at Pizza Punks Glasgow

Staropramen Tank Beer and Limited Edition Czech Pizza

Staropramen Tank Beer and Limited Edition Czech Pizza

19 July 2017 - 25 July 2017
Staropramen has teamed up with Pizza Punks to bring Brewery Fresh tank beer to Glasgow for the first time!