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1161 Tollcross Road, Glasgow East End G32 8HB
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Tollcross Ymca
About Tollcross Ymca

Tollcross YMCA was established in 1870 the general activity of Tollcross YMCA is to provide recreational facilities within a safe environment that promotes educational and social activities for the people of Tollcross Glasgow. This includes community work such as team building, music, drama and sport programmes. Issue based work such as employment programmes, alcohol and drug awareness, youth diversion activities and adult education classes that promote acceptance of all people.

The aims and objectives of Tollcross YMCA is to promote citizenship and develop community spirit by encouraging people to consider their enviornment and engage in intergenerational activities to bridge the gap between young and old, to support and advance people to reach their potential by overcoming barriers that would normally exclude them, eg age; ill health; disability, financial hardship, racial discrimination and social class. This develops the community to be more connected resulting in a more resilient Tollcross community.

Upcoming Events at Tollcross Ymca

Sorry, but we have no upcoming events for Tollcross Ymca. If you know of an event taking place at Tollcross Ymca or anywhere else in Glasgow tell us about it and we'll list it on the website, for free!