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, Glasgow South Side
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Scottish Kettlebell Club
About Scottish Kettlebell Club

Get fit, lean and powerful with kettlebells. Kettlebell training combines cardio and strength work and so helps to create that athletic physique without bulkiness. The power and endurance element has great cross-over to other sports such as running, football, cycling and martial arts. Also great for those who struggle to keep fit due to recurring injuries or joint problems as it provides the cardio benefit at low impact to the joints.

Training sessions:

Scottish Kettlebell Club - Southside G42 8PY
Monday 5.60pm
Tuesdays 12noon
Thursday 7pm
Sunday 11.30am

Scottish Kettlebell Club - Hillington G52 4LA
Tuesdays 6pm
Thursdays 10am
Thursdays 6pm

open to all whether you want to compete in kettlebell sport or simply do kettlebells for fitness, weight loss or athletic performance.

Personal one-to-one and online coaching is also available. Just message us for more details!

Upcoming Events at Scottish Kettlebell Club

Sorry, but we have no upcoming events for Scottish Kettlebell Club. If you know of an event taking place at Scottish Kettlebell Club or anywhere else in Glasgow tell us about it and we'll list it on the website, for free!